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*a game of thrones* [11.12.08|05:35 pm]
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HBO orders fantasy pilot 'Thrones'


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*obama 08* [11.05.08|12:13 am]
[Current Mood |victorious]

It's been far too long since I felt a sense of pride for the country I live in. While I am appreciative of the freedoms that each American is bestowed without question I could not ignore the dark shadow cast by our previous president and his administration, leaving our country asunder and nothing more than a rogue nation hell bent on assimilating all into its collective at any cost.

Thankfully, the people of this country have determined that some illumination is in order. I feel truly thankful that I can think of my country and not be embarrassed by the notion. I'm truly thankful that for the first time in eight years that some good might come out of our government that benefits not only us Americans but the world's people as a whole.

Godspeed, Mr. Obama. The game's afoot. Take us places we have yet to see.

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*top chef* [10.03.07|10:22 pm]
***Major spoiler alert*** Read only if you"ve watched the finaleCollapse )
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*ten dimensions* [09.24.07|01:50 am]
I've done quite a bit or reading about the concept documented in the video, but never saw such a comprehensive description in real world terms. They do a good job simplifying it while maintaining the integrity of the theory. Anyway, enjoy.

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*hehe* [09.24.07|12:14 am]

So true. In other news, TF2 has taken my soul hostage. Please save me. Thanks.
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*a world less ordinary* [09.17.07|01:45 am]
I'm not one for rituals save one instance during the first weeks of September. This ritual is one I've held to for years, ever since I was 14-years-old. Each year around this time, one of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks, puts forth another one of his novels. The first book I read was entitled The Sword of Shannara, commonly known as being a classic fantasy tale to those who enjoy the genre. My happening upon it was mere chance, a coincidental stumbling into the lone shelf that it occupied at the local library, placed out of the way and seemingly hidden from view. How or why I found myself in that corner of the library that day is lost to me now, but the cover and back cover description was provocative and caught my interest, so I took it hope and proceeded into the 800 page epic. I recall feigning illness for three days so I could stay home and dedicate myself to reading, breaking to eat and write down my own ideas. Since then, Mr. Brooks has published a new book in the series every September, and ever since then I've been as equally dedicated to reading it through, enjoying how both his writing and the story as a whole evolved and matured over the years. On Saturday, I finished book 2 of his Genesis of Shannara entitled The Elves of Cintra. It was a worthy addition to an already impressive library. Now that I'm done, a sort of melancholy is present with the realization that I will have to wait yet another year before I get to enjoy another of his tales. Alas, I feel fortunate to even have the opportunity.

On the subject of fantasy, I was feeling a bit nostalgic and began to think back to the first fantasy novel I ever read. While most lay claim to The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, or the Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as their first dabbling into the genre, mine was by a Welsh author by the name of Lloyd Alexander. The Novel was called The Book of Three, the first book of The Chronicles of Prydain. I was 11-years-old. I remember reading the series straight through in a two week time period, dedicating myself to doing nothing but reading. I appreciated the idea of the main character, Taran, being nothing more than an assistant pig keeper who would eventually become something much greater. I had longed to meet him one day and tell him how vital and important his stories were to my development as a child, but alas I will never get the chance as he passed this year in May at the age of 83. Still, his legacy lives on in his stories. I invite all of you to give it a whirl someday, or perhaps suggest it to a child you are close to, as I'm sure it will have the same impact it did on me.

In a sad coincidence, I learned a few hours ago that James Rigney, better known to fantasy readers as Robert Jordan, passed away after battling amyloidosis for several years. I was never a fan of The Wheel of Time series as most people were, but I enjoyed his style of writing, especially in his retelling of one my childhood heroes in The Further Chronicles of Conan. It's unfortunate for the genre to lose such a figurehead who contributed so much to it. Farewell Robert Jordan; may your journey now be filled with the same splendor you gifted the world with your craft.
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*shaved* [09.16.07|03:51 am]
While I lay on the couch watching the brain cancer that is E! I saw that Mena Suvari had shaved her head. The following picture is her at New York Fashion Week extravaganza. I must say that she looks hot as hell with the new cut. I hope she keeps it short.

That got me thinking; where did all the hot chicks with shaved heads go? I've always had a thing for girls with a shaved head or uber short hair. I enjoy how it frames the face and removes any distraction that hair can provide. Likewise, it embodies a sort of strength of character to me that is highly attractive given the bravery that is involved for a woman to cut off her locks in a society that genderizes women with short or no hair as being less feminine. I'm not sure when the attraction originated, but it's always been there. Sure, it isn't for everyone, but women with an especially pretty face can pull it off no problem. I can remember a time where I'd see many girls on the street who either had a shaved head or a buzz cut. Hell, I used to date a girl with a shaved head, and back then the cut, while uncommon, wasn't necessarily out of the ordinary either. Nowadays, I can't remember when I've last seen a girl with a shaved head in the flesh.

Anyway, I miss it. That's all I guess.
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*everyone else is doing it, so...* [09.14.07|12:58 am]
My results from Career Cruising...Collapse )

Oddly enough, I can see myself doing all of these jobs, even the midwife one. In other news, tgif.
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*a much needed rest* [09.04.07|03:24 am]
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As I write this entry, my vacation has officially come to an end, and I happy to report that it was simply amazing. I really needed the break after the tumultuous time I've had lately at work and in my personal life, affording me little time for rest and even less time for myself. It was a necessary endeavor to regain my strength and focus given that I've been stagnant lately with my future aspirations. So, I ate good food, hung out with friends old and new, worked out multiple days without any time constraints, caught up on some good movies and books, and enjoyed probably the finest week of weather Milwaukee had this summer.

A few highlights are as follows...Collapse )

There is much more, gentle reader, but I don't want to bore you with details. I'll simply add that my happiest moment over the past week would have been in making a new friend that required a significant amount of courage on my part in forging. Among the many things I feel I did right during this vacation that moment stands about all of them. It hangs on my mind now as a reminder of what I am capable of doing and a token of faith that the passion I once possessed that allowed me to excel and seize life is finally coming back to me. No more stagnation; no more waiting around.

I don't look forward to returning to work tomorrow, and I'll be lucky if I get four hours of sleep tonight, but I have a great deal to look forward to now. I'm enjoying this new chapter thus far and I eagerly turn the page day by day to see what lies in store. Autumn is one our doorstep, the air grows slightly cooler. I'm happy, healthy, and once again balanced. Life is good.

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*sigg jones* [09.03.07|03:35 am]

Very enjoyable and well done. I hope to see more of this style of animation in the future.
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